Friday, February 24, 2017

Failed to Launch!

That’s right, I’ve failed to gain traction as Bastard Black. I think about the first day I put
out Warrior, and on that day I garnered 3 reads, and I haven’t gained a single read
since. Therefore I’ll give what I’ve done to date some thought.

I have three options.

*Continue, and hope I can get somewhere in the future. New book, same me. Keep
my grimdark leanings.

*Stop, keep the pen name going, but in a different genre. Maybe crime thrillers.

*Or, drop Bastard Black completely. Dump the name, the book, and the blog.

I see no real reason to continue a story that is going nowhere. Yes, I wrote it to
read in the second person POV, and that can throw readers off. I could have done
it in the first or third person POV, but I liked dealing with twin souls stuffed into
one body.

Writers are like actors in many ways, and one of them is to take a difficult role,
and own it. Stretch those acting muscles. Writers take the difficult story, and try to
stretch their storytelling muscles. Own it, only with words.

Now, I can keep the pen name, and I do have a project (new genre) in mind for
that pen name, but I’ll have to give it some thought.

Or, I can dump it all. Name, book, blog. Stretch myself in other directions. I have
to decide on what I want to do.

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