Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I Have a Good Question!

With this post, 112 pages later, I see those who are beating a dead horse to a pulp,
those who are still in denial, those with what I consider to be false hopes, holding
their breath, and who knows how many ghosts this thread has, each of us trying to
survive the new reality of Amazon. The new norm.

I made it no real secret that I’m done with selling books through Amazon, and
why. But, here’s the strangest thing of all. Why are the self-published authors we
all worshiped as gods (Konrath, Howie, Eisler) . . . strangely silent?

These authors spoke for us, sometimes embarrassingly, but they always seemed
to be championing our cause by ripping into the arrogance of mainstream
publishing, and how unfairly we were being treated by the faceless, money
grabbing corporations who continue to treat all writers like shit.

Now Amazon is doing the same goddamn thing?

The proof of it all is in the thread above.

Why are they silent?

Maybe I’m the first to ask that particular question, maybe not, but I do find their
silence surreal.

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