Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A New Launch!

I launched a new pen name, Nikki Blood, and my new line of XXX erotica, what I
consider nasty, naughty, dirty bad fun! Part Two of The Courtesan is up at
Smashwords, and once it is approved for wider distribution, you should be able to
find it a few other places like the iTunes/iBooks store, and a week from now, with
luck, Barnes & Noble.

I pumped up my samples at Smashwords to 20%, and now I need to get busy with
part three of this serial fantasy, with even more explicit boing-chika-wow-wow in
it. What to do, what to do. Yes I have a clue. I just need to get those ideas written
down, organize my thoughts, and get writing.

Now, even though I have a big beef with Amazon (and broke ties with Amazon), I
did approve these two books to be distributed to Amazon through Smashwords.
Let Amazon try to fuck over Smashwords, with Smashwords’ clout and cash for
lawyers. I dare Amazon to get caught cheating Smashwords out of their hard-
earned percentage of my book money. I dare them, because I’m sure that the fiasco
that continues to hurt indie authors (for the last seven months and counting), Mark
Coker is very much aware of the situation, and there are people on his staff that are
making sure Smashwords (and me) get every penny they (and me) deserve.

For every problem, there is a solution. Know your options.

I can say with complete confidence that right here and right now, I’ve made more
money than I did by being exclusive (this, the last year) to Amazon. One month
and counting. One fucking month, and I made more than I did this last year with

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